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Antique Pocket Watches Are a Perfect Addition to Any Watch Collection

by Le costumier De Bourges on Feb 12, 2021

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You can consider an antique pocket watch if you are one of those people who love to wear formals and the finest clothes. There are several people who consider these pocket watches to be very attractive and a rare piece of art. 

Antique pocket watches are affordable as compared to other pocket watches. These pocket watches come in all sizes, designs, and shapes as well as you can wear them all day if you so desire. Some pocket watches are made from really expensive metals such as platinum, silver, and gold. Moreover, you can also get the one that is affordable and has proper valuable medals. 

Pocket watches come in two unique styles that are hunter case and open-face. Open-faced pocket watches are also called Lepine and simply recognized because they lack a metal cover which is used to protect the watches crystal. There are also some pocket watches that have several designs and styles you can choose from.

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In several ways, the internet has changed our living style, and preserving money on almost all the things that we purchase occurs to be one of the essential ones. Nowadays, there are several websites that supply wholesale pocket watches. 

They are simply marketing agents for the manufacturers of these items. After you place your order, it is sent directly to the supplier, who ships the pocket watch to you the very next day—the vast major. Fashion is a really different thing because the styles and designs used in this industry come in vast numbers. If you are in elegance, then maybe a pocket watch would be a worthy fashion accessory for you. 

Main Types of Pocket Watch 

It is a very difficult task to choose the right pocket watch. There are some people who prefer the modern simplification of classics while on the other hand, some prefer antique routes with something more attractive and collectible. Once you are done with new and old, then there is the question of design and style.

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There are three basic types of a pocket watch in terms of open face, design, full hunter, and half hunter, the first being impartially self-explanatory in that the design includes a watch with an open face that is open and unsafe to the elements. The second two add some protective cover to the watch, such as half hunters generally protecting the face of the watch, however still display the time.

Several designs are famous for various reasons; for instance, people who wish to use their antique pocket watch on a daily basis can choose a half or full hunter version. This will help to protect the watch from daily damage. Moreover, these types of timepieces are best for special occasions.

Pocket watches are a perfect combination of fashion and function as to the reason that these are good timepieces that will always orient you with time, especially if you are the type of person who is always in a rush; and at the same time, this will also aid you in making yourself look more elegant. 

If you are the one of them who always chooses different fashion trends as well as always wants to look unique, then this thing is for you. You can get all the advanced, and the best pocket watches only at Contact us today!


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