Full Hunter Pocket Watch

Full Hunter Pocket Watch

A full hunter pocket watch has a solid outer case that covers the watch face until opened. However, the double hunter will have an extra feature, which is a second lid at the back.

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Whether you are looking for a classic watch or something a bit more contemporary, the full hunter pocket watch ticks all the boxes. The protective front case allows an abundance of extra design elements, which include engraving and embossing. It offers traditional pocket watches for a touch of class, whether it is gold or silver for a stylish finish.

When you want to purchase a pocket watch, the first thing you will notice is an array of case styles. Pick out a favorite style of the case. There are different styles of timepieces within these categories, such as the full hunter mechanical pocket watch and the full hunter quartz pocket watch.

The full hunter pocket watch is still ideal for engraving. When purchasing a gift for someone special, you can engrave a personal message on the back cases or outside the front case.


  • How To Wear A Pocket Watch


A full hunter pocket watch is usually kept in vests, shirts, and jacket pockets. These watches come with a chain. If the chain does not come with the watch, you should purchase a watch chain if you need it later. When bending down, it prevents the watch from falling out.


  • Choosing a Pocket Watch

Most full hunter pocket watches have various styles and colors. Full hunter pocket watches can easily be damaged in case of a fall—the chain prevents them from dropping. Owning a full hunter pocket watch has special treatment and care. It guarantees happiness as the watch will give you great satisfaction through the years.