Quartz Pocket Watch

Whether you are looking for a pocket watch to give someone special, look no further than the quartz pocket watch collection. A quartz pocket watch comes well equipped with an internal battery. The watch provides extreme accuracy; thus, you do not need to wind your watch.

It would be best if you made the right choice that will suit your needs. Quartz pocket watches are suitable for someone who uses a watch daily or regularly. You won’t require to wind the watch every day.

Quartz pocket watches are affordable, easy to use and accurate. So you may ask why you should own a quartz pocket watch. Below are the reasons:


  • Accuracy 

Quartz watches are very accurate because they are powered by electricity through the battery. Quartz traditionally displays the time as opposed to a digital display. There are many activities such as field and sports, and they rely on accuracy, and thus quartz pocket watches come in handy, making quartz the most accurate amongst all the movements.

  • Affordability

Compared to other types, quartz pocket watches have very friendly prices. Due to the traditional mechanical movement, quartz watches are less expensive - despite the exceptions.

  • Low Maintenance  

Apart from changing batteries, quartz pocket watches do not require much attention when it comes to maintenance. The batteries last around two years before replacing the battery for another one.

  • Not Too Sensitive To the Environment

Quartz pocket watches are not vulnerable to magnet, shocks and dust, shocks. However, you need to keep off those elements for the watch to work without too much fuss. It would be best if you always took care of the watch by ensuring the watch does not fall on the floor or water because some have a glass top cover.