Open Face Pocket Watch

  • Open Face Pocket Watch Description

Even though open face pocket watches may seem to be out of style today, because most people wear wristwatches, they still bring fashion and style. They were very popular during the construction of railways because conductors used them to keep the trains running on schedule.

People nowadays check time using their cell phones or wristwatch. This can be very cumbersome when in an important business presentation. Pulling out your pocket watch and checking the time will not be rude to the speaker.

Many open face pocket watches have special designs and decorations which can be used for special ceremonies. It creates a lasting impression on both the receiver and the giver of the open face pocket watch.

  • How to Wear a Pocket Watch

Most pocket watches are kept in jacket pockets, vests, pants or shirts. These watches have a chain that usually comes with the pocket watch. If the chain does not come with the watch, you should purchase a watch chain if you need it later. When bending down, it prevents the watch from falling out. You can clip the chain to your belt loops. The watch should be in a pocket where it can be easily removed. You should always place the crystal face towards you to protect the crystal from getting scratches.

  • Choosing a Pocket Watch

Primarily, open face pocket watches come in various styles and colours. The metal pocket watch comes in gold, steel, brass, or silver and can be engraved for special messages or decoration.

Open face pocket watches are easily damaged when dropped. That is why they come with a chain to prevent them from being dropped accidentally. Owning an open face pocket watch comes with special treatment and care. You will be happy as the watch will provide you with great satisfaction over the years.