Pendant watch

Pendant watches are a variety of pocket watches. Pendant come from the fact that they are hanging or rather suspended from a certain point.
Back in the eighteenth and nineteenth century pocket watches had short chains to enable them get secured on belt loops, waistcoats, or lapels and hence preventing them from falling.
The once pocketed watches are now suspended in long chains and some are worn as necklaces. It is this inclusion of the long chains that qualifies a pocket watch to be referred to as a pendant watch.


  • Because pendant watches are considered part of an outfit, they come in different shapes, sizes and styles to compliment the fashion of the wearer. Other pendant watches are enclosed in cases while others are bare and visible.

  • Pendant watches are more popular with women than with men and they come in different form. We have Owl and Heart, Skeleton, Mini, Filigree and Mechanical pendant watches. Men generally used to just place them in their pockets as opposed to hanging them.

  • They can be antique, digital and vintage and are popular with persons in medical professions such as nurses, and sports coaches who hang them around their necks and use them even as stopwatches.

  • A part from the fact that they are suspended from a certain position, pendant watches can be quartz, mechanical, automatic, smart watch or solar powered watches. The solar watches does not only use direct sunlight but is charged with any bright light and the extra power is reserved in a battery and can last six months. Smart watches are similar to quartz watches except that their batteries are rechargeable.


  • An advantage of pendant watches is that it adds to the fashion appeal of the wearer while at the same time leaves your hands free and they are usually made durable.