Silver Pocket Watch

Description of your pocket silver watch

It is: High quality 

  • When setting time, pull the part in the top of the pocket watch away from the base until reaching the correct time and turn it clockwise. 
  • It has a smooth pattern that is well designed for the pocket.
  • It has a chain that you can wear on the neck and also can attach to the pocket.
  • The watch is a great gift that can blend in with any occasion such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and it is unisex.
  • Convenient for outdoor activities cause it is not bulky.

♤ Classic pocket watch that offers timeless style.

♤ A stainless steel chain that holds up very well.

Pocket watches make great gifts and beautiful to wear since they blend in well with any attire you wear and complement various styles, and it is a memorable gift.

 The silver pocket watch is ageless and timeless since its quality is good, and if well preserved, they make a good investment when you want to resell it.

The silver pocket watch is the best and unique.

Pocket watches that have a silver finishing color add a unique taste to your outfit, and they are a perfect choice of elegancy.

A silver pocket watch has a class of its own.


Buy now your pocket silver watch and get an included chain !