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About Pocket-Watch.Net

Pocket-Watch.Net : A Collection Suitable For All

Pocket Watches are dreamed accessories for Vintage lovers of all ages and gender. Today everybody wants to have a pocket watch to maintain a distinguishable vibe.

The good news is we offers a wide range of attractive and fancy Pendant watch too ! As you know pendants are a special combination of a long chain and a traditional pocket watch , which makes it more fashionable.

Whether you are looking for a golden pocket watch or a special case pocket watch , we have it all, along with others. Our iconic collection of pendant watch offers an equally passionate look to decorate your wardrobe with the best antique watches .

Facing the test of time, in the early 20th century and even today, these antique timepieces have been holding a special place for their extremely detailed and very intricate designs. Our pocket watches are a perfect example of highly skilled craftsmanship that compares to none.

Luckily, we as a watch company has the reputation to offer one of the best deals on a vast collection of vintage style pocket and pendant watches. We invites you to discover a world of elegance and particularity through their offerings of different watch type. Be it sophisticated or simplistic design, we offer you high-end pocket watches at an affordable price. If you are a Quartz pocket watch aficionado, go for our classic full alloy watches with manual winding .

You can look into all of our pocket watch collections to decide for yourself which one matches your taste. We have something for everyone. You can always dig into our pocket watch descriptions to have a sound understanding of what to expect. Our world-class pocket and pendant watches are engraved with designs that are unique and aesthetic . Behind each of our pocket watches, there is a story involved. We especially entertain vintage watches made by the best hands.

Besides, our pocket watches are the finest example of style and passion that even younger generations are discovering for their design, built, and a clear statement of sophistication.

So, browse our collections now and find the collectible you have been looking for all this time.

You can always have a look at your smartphone, but it couldn’t be classier to check the time on a beautifully engraved antique pocket watch! Our vintage pocket watches are something to remember .

The Pocket Watches Universe

Ever since Peter Henlein invented the first pocket watch in Nuremberg Germany late 1510, the ageless timepiece over centuries has become a symbol of status and manly elegance; much more than it was intended.

The Global Description of Pocket Watches

A pocket watch is a simple timepiece with a chain-link attachable to a pocket. Pocket watches come in different sizes and are typically measured in 30ths of an inch, also known as the “Lancashire Gauge” adopted from England. Just like every other timepiece, there are larger sizes of 18s, 16s and 12s for men, while 0s, 6s and 8s are for the ladies, then there is 10s and 12 as considered unisex.

Earliest known railroad pocket watches had relatively wider case diameters. However, it is essential to note that pocket watch sizes are not dependent on the outside case diameter. Instead, the case size is a function of its style and design.

The Cultural Relevance of Pocket Watches

In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Pocket watches were often given as special gifts or handed down as heirlooms through the patriarchal line of the family. This made sense because they were often made with durable and precious materials, thus having one in then was a symbol of social status.

Culturally, a pocket watch symbolizes punctuality and loyalty. Punctuality begets respect, which is often associated with the earliest characteristics of gentlemen. In another description, some pocket watch designs (skeleton) show the gears of the clock, which some believe represents the inner workings of the individual.

Advantages of Pocket Watches

Pocket watches are an excellent investment, whether you’re looking at the gain value with respect to time or to create a family traditional heirloom to be passed down to younger generations. Aside from helping you look less accessorized after a right dress up. Here are other advantages of using a pocket watch.


They’re likely to last longer because they’re less likely to get exposed to accidents, unlike wristwatches. Prevalent watch accidents such as hitting against a wall, moisture contact and dust, are less likely to occur with pocket watches which are fastened to the pockets.


They’re right there in your pocket whenever you need to use them.


Unlike luxury, wristwatches that others see and appraise the brands worth, thereby increasing the market value. Pocket watches often cost lesser because they’re just in the pocket and only get seen when you bring them out unlike your Rolex hanging right there on your wrist for everyone to see.