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Double Hunter Pocket Watch

  • Our watch company provides classic and elegant vintage pocket watch, mechanically polished finish, double hunter, perfect for engraving

  • Both front and back covers open to expose an elegant mechanical movement of 17 jewels and their moving parts

  • Antique-style cobalt blue hour, minute, and second hands, plus scratch-resistant mineral crystal

  • Includes a matching 14 "pocket watch chain with spring ring accessory

10 Things to Know About Double Hunter Pocket Watch

Hunters have been carrying vintage pocket watches for centuries and we’re not about to stop anytime soon. If you're in the market for a new fob watch, consider looking for one that doubles as a hunter's pocket watch. It's an amazing timepiece that will make you stand out from the crowd with its unique design, functional features, and sleek look. Here are 10 things to know about hunting with a double hunter's pocket watch.

17 Things You Should Know About a Double Hunter's Pocket Watch

Double hunter's pocket watches are one of the most popular types of timepieces in use today. They're typically made from durable materials and designed to be long-lasting. Some features of a double hunter's pocket watch include:

1. Durability - Many hunters prefer to carry their double hunter's pocket watches with them throughout the day because they can withstand outdoor conditions.

2. Large face - Hunters need their timepieces to be easily readable even when they're wearing gloves, so many brands make their faces large and rectangular.

3. Unique design that makes you stand out from the crowd - Double hunter's pocket watch designs range from traditional to modern, depending on your tastes and needs.

4. Functional features - Similar to conventional pocket watches, a double hunter's pocket watch has functional features such as chronographs, stopwatches, alarms, timers, and stopwatches among others that allow you to plan before hunting.

5. Keeps ticking without needing batteries - Unlike other types of watches that run on batteries, a double hunter's pocket watch has its self-contained power source so you can be confident it will continue working for hours or even days at a time without needing replacements or adjustments from anyone else besides yourself.

6. Sleek look - If you want something that will make an impression on your wardrobe while still matching your personality, then a double hunter's pocket watch is perfect for you; especially if it has a sleek design with a minimalistic look.

7. Affordable - As with most products, a double hunter's pocket watch is relatively affordable when compared to other types of watches.

8. Versatility - Double hunter's pocket watches are versatile enough to be used in formal events, casual wear, and even in the workplace if you want something more professional than casual clothing.

9. Durable - A double hunter's pocket watch is made from top-quality materials that are also durable so you can use it for years without worrying about needing replacements or needing to repair it often.

10. Easy to use - A double hunter's watch has a self-winding mechanism that makes it easy for you to wind it up so it keeps ticking and you don't need batteries or manual winding features that may take too long or require some technical knowledge just to use the vintage watch properly.

11. Comes in many different styles - Double hunter's pocket watches come in different styles such as regular size, large size, classic size, rectangular shape, and oval shape. You can easily find one that is the right size and shape for your hands.

12. Durable strap - Double hunter's pocket watches have a strap made of durable leather that can withstand constant use without any problems.

13. Stylish in design - Double hunter's pocket watches have a stylish design that makes them look elegant when used with formal wear or casual wear as well. You can show off your style and personality with this type of watch.

14. Can be customized - Many types of double hunter's pocket watches come with features that you can customize such as color, style, design, etc. This means you get to choose what you want in your watch so you don't need to settle for something generic or something that doesn't suit your taste or personality at all.

15. Can be used for more than just telling time - Double hunter's pocket watches are true collectors' items so they are not only useful for telling time but they are also great to be displayed in your home or office. You can show them off to your friends and family and they will be impressed with it.

16. Easy to find - Double hunter's pocket watches are very popular so you won't have a hard time finding one that suits you best.

17. They look great on both men and women - This type of watch is usually made with a classic design that looks great on both men and women, regardless of the wearer is young or old. This means anyone can wear it without looking out of place.

What is a Double Hunter’s Pocket Watch?

A hunting pocket watch is a timepiece that can double as a tool for your hunting and fishing equipment. You may be familiar with these retro watches, which were popularized by the famous gun-toting president Teddy Roosevelt.

The design of these vintage watches is made to withstand the rigors of hunting and fishing, making them perfect for all kinds of scenarios. They’re also available in different colors and materials, so you can find one that fits your style. These fob watches are typically water-resistant and come with a few functional features that make them uniquely useful in the field, like hands-free winding or solar power. They’re also rather affordable; some even cost less than $50!

Where are Double Hunter’s Pocket Watches Used?

Double hunter’s pocket watches are widely used by hunters because they make it easy to keep track of the time while in the field. Hikers, fishermen, or even hikers can use a double hunter's pocket watch to keep track of the time while they are out on their adventures. Hunters use them as well because they provide accurate timing and a sleek look that is always eye-catching.

What Are the Different Designs of a Double Hunter’s Pocket Watch?

There are a variety of designs for double hunter's pocket watches, with the most popular being the single-sided design. This is because the single-sided design allows hunters to see the time on their wrist while they're carrying it on their other side, which is handy when you're moving through dense brush, trees, or tall grass.

Another popular design is the dual-siding watch that features two dials on one side. Hunters who want to be able to keep an eye on both time and their compass will love this unique watch design.

The third most popular design for a double hunter's pocket watch is the bi-compass design. This type of watch has a second dial that displays your bearing from true north so you can track your progress as you hunt with ease.

The last popular design for a double hunter's pocket watch is the day/night indicator dial. This stylish watch feature can help you keep track of whether it's morning or night outside based on how much light is shining through its window and the color of its green face.

How Do You Wear a Double Hunter’s Pocket Watch?

The first step to wearing a double hunter’s pocket watch is to choose the material you want to use for your watch band. It can be made from any number of materials, including leather, metal, and rubber. Another important aspect of choosing your watch band is choosing the color. You can choose from an array of colors, including black, brown, green, purple, red, blue, turquoise, and silver.

When Is the Best Time to Buy One?

One of the best times to buy a double hunter's pocket watch is at the end of hunting season when there are plenty of great deals on antique watches available. As hunters usually store their old watches in their pockets, they often get caught on branches or brush and break. A double hunter's pocket watch is designed to withstand those hazards.

A double hunter's pocket watch can survive being dropped into the water without changing its time and also has a water-resistant rating of up to 10 meters. This means that it can be worn while wet and won't change time, even if exposed to water. When you're buying a new antique watch, consider a double hunter's pocket watch which is less likely to break than traditional watches.

Pocket watch movements

There are automatic, mechanical, and quartz movement pocket watches. The mechanical and automatic watches have a mainspring that is wound by the movement of your arm. The quartz movements are battery-operated.

Automatic watches are the most common in today's market.

A mechanical watch movement is the most expensive, but it will last longer. These watches are hand-wound.

Quartz watches are the least expensive, but they do not have as much precision as the other two types of movements.

Mechanical watches have a mainspring that is wound by the movement of your arm. These are also called self-winding or automatic watches.

Mechanical watches were developed in Germany in the late 19th century and were soon adopted by British watchmakers as well.

The spring is wound automatically by the natural movement of your wrist. These watches are self-winding and do not need batteries to work properly. They use a series of gears, called the 'wheel train' to keep time. The wheels are mounted on a single shaft, called the 'main-plate'. The wheels turn, which turns a smaller wheel called an 'escapement'. This makes the balance wheel swing back and forth at regular intervals (about 20 seconds), which causes it to move up and down on its arbor and make ticking noises that keep time for you.

The mechanical watch has been around since 1675 when a watchmaker by the name of Robert Hooke invented a spring-driven watch. This watch was made in London and was said to be capable of keeping time to within one minute a day.

The mechanical watch is driven by a mainspring that is wound by the movement of your arm.

Mechanical watches are still manufactured today, but they are not as popular as quartz watches.

Mechanical watches require regular maintenance to keep them in good working order. They must be cleaned every five years or so and the oil must be replaced every couple of years to make sure they keep time properly. It is recommended that you take your mechanical watch to an expert for maintenance, especially if it has been dropped or damaged in some way. The mainsprings can break if they have been damaged, which would make the watch useless unless it is repaired again.

Other important features of a watch

A water-resistant or waterproof pocket watch will be able to withstand moisture without being affected. This means that you can wear it while swimming or while washing your hands without worrying about it getting damaged.

The size of a wristwatch is measured by the diameter of its case, which is measured in millimeters (mm). A small wristwatch can measure around 34 mm and a large one can measure up to 44 mm. A men's watch tends to have a larger case than those for women, but this isn't always true. The size of a watch also depends on its design and style. You should choose a watch that fits your wrists well and you won't feel uncomfortable wearing it.

The design of the pocket watch case is also important in determining its value. The most common types of cases are hunting, open face, swiss, flat back, and tank.

The hunter-style watch case has a cover over the crystal at the front of the watch to protect it while in your pocket. The cover is usually hinged so it can swing out to expose the crystal and hands-on demand. The back of a hunter-style watch case usually


A Double Hunter’s Pocket Watch is a timepiece with a unique design that is typically made in England and Switzerland. It is typically worn in a pocket on the left side of the body at the waist. The antique pocket watch is used to tell time and is one of the most iconic timepieces in existence.