Men's Pocket Watch

Men's Pocket Watch Description

Indeed Men's pocket watches are now making a comeback and are trending. They were popular in the early 20th century. But what pocket watches exactly constitute? Pocket watches are a timepiece with a chain attached to a waistcoat belt loop or lapel. They are kept either at the front of your jacket, pants or your suit.

History Of The Pocket Watch

Clocks were the first wearable items in the 16th century. They were worn around the neck. They were referred to as 'clock-watches". Clock-watches were big and heavy devices. They were made of brass, metal and a heavy grate over the face. In 1755, Thomas Mudge came up with a great invention known as 'invention of the lever escapement'. This invention made watches more accurate.

How To Wear A Men Pocket Watch

There are various ways to rock men's pocket watch. The classic look is the first one. The men's pocket watch is attached to your waistcoat. It is fun and stylish if you are a sharp dresser. To attain this look, you attach the watch chain to a button on your waistcoat. Then you drop the watch in the waistcoat pocket.

The second way is in your front pants pocket with the chain. You can also attach the men's pocket watch to your belt loop. The third method to rock with the men's pocket watch is to hang it around your neck. This is great if your pockets are bursting with essentials.

Finally, you can keep your pocket watch in the pocket without using the chain. However, the best pocket watches are made of gold and come with a higher price tag. And you should make sure your watch does not accidentally slip out of your pocket.

Before buying your first pocket watch, you need to shop keenly so as to find a pocket watch that will change up your style.