Vintage Pocket Watch

Vintage Pocket Watch

Vintage pocket watches have been making a comeback in recent years. Companies and manufacturers are coming up and are doing well in the watch businesses giving customers stylish designs and look with every purchase.

Vintage pocket watches are made of high-quality metals like silver, brass, and also gold. For some clients, the watches are customized by engraving.

HOW TO OPENWay to open: the vintage pocket watch is designed in a simple way. You press the crown at the top, and the front plate will open. Except for open face pocket watches. 

DURABILITYGood quality vintage pocket watches are made to last ages. This means they can be handed down to other generations and kept as a treasure. For this reason, the watch is expected to give you many years of pleasure.

SETTING TIMEYou need to pull the crown of the watch and then turn it clockwise to the exact time, and then press the crown to the original position.

ELEGANT CLASSICAL GIFTVintage pocket watches are a good choice of gifts. They can be offered as good gifts for weddings, anniversary, and feast. They can be offered as a Father's Day, Anniversary, Birthday or even a Christmas gift to your lover, friends, and relatives.

SIZEVintage pocket watches are approximately 4.6 cm/ 1.8 inches in diameter. They are in small size for easy carry. They have chains measuring from 37 cm/ 14.57 inches in length. The chains are long enough for securing the pocket watch. The watch is packaged with a pocket watch and either a golden or silver necklace chain with a hook. This makes the chain is easy to disassemble and assemble.

LIGHTWEIGHTVintage pocket watches are not weighty. Though made of metal, the manufacturers ensure the watches not heavy and cumbersome. This offers a solution to people who do not like heavy jewelry.