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Different Types of Pocket Watch

by Le costumier De Bourges on Feb 05, 2021

Different Types of Pocket Watch

When most people think of a pocket watch, they think of a typical round shape clock in your palm. A pocket watch is a truly classic accessory that has gained popularity over recent years. 

However, there is not just a single design of the pocket watch. Today, let’s discuss some of the most common types of pocket watches. In addition to this, you will know what is the difference between these pocket watches after going through this blog. 

So, Let’s dive in:- 

Open Face

Open face watch design is one of the simplest designs to identify. Moreover, you can also see the time very easily in this type of pocket watch as there are no obstacles in this type of watch.  

The open-face design of pocket watches is becoming very popular in today’s time. However, this design was not that popular in the 19th century. Its biggest disadvantage is that it doesn't have any protective cover; therefore, it is prone to get scratched. 


Pocket watches

Full Hunter

For those people who want to have a protective cover to their watch, a full hunter pocket watch can be a great option. However, there is also a downside to this watch because of its protective cover. The protective cover of a full hunter pocket watch means that it will take one extra step to see the time.

Still, the full hunter pocket watch is considered one of the best and the most common pocket watches of all time. Moreover, you can also customize the cover of these pocket watches nowadays. A full hunter pocket watch is a great choice for you if you are looking for a customizable watch and a great style.

Half Hunter

Half hunter pocket watches are for the individuals who want the protection of the cover but also want to see the time quickly. 

The main feature of a half hunter pocket watch is that it has a hole through which it allows you to see the time without opening the cover. Therefore, a half hunter is considered one of the best types of pocket watches that are available in the market.


Luxury pocket watch

Double Hunter

At first glance, you” ll feel as if the half hunter and double hunter pocket watches are the same. However, there is a key difference between these two types of pocket watches. The Double hunter watch contains an extra layer of protection at the back. In addition to this, the design showcases the mechanics of the watch

Double hunter watches are one of the most elegant looking pocket watches in the world and are known for their beauty. Moreover, you can also use this as the decorative timepiece for your office desk.

Double Half Hunter

Double half hunter is similar to a double hunter pocket watch. However, the only difference is that the double half hunter pocket watch is that double half hunter is transparent from front and back

Therefore, a double half hunter shows the beautiful machinery working inside it. This is why a double half hunter is considered one of the most stylish pockets watches ever.

Till now, you have got the general idea of the most common types of pocket watches. Now you can pick from the different types of pocket watches and choose the best one for you. Moreover, with the correct type of watch which suits your style, you can look for the most high-quality personality in the room. 

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