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Daniel Vaucher Pocket watches in Paris

by Le costumier De Bourges on Apr 24, 2021


Daniel VAUCHER (Vauchez), a Parisian master watchmaker, installed on rue du Preaux-Boeufs, was one of the favorite watchmakers of the aristocracy and the queen of France, moreover involved in the affair of the famous queen's necklace. His Pocket watches are preserved in the Louvre and in major museums around the world.


His work was continued by his sons Joan, Jean-Henri, François and Samuel, authors of magnificent Pocket watches signed "Vauchez en la Cité"who settled in Fleurier, Geneva, London and Paris.


The illustrations show two Vauchez watches from the Lido collection, a three-movement automaton watch, a couple of characters playing the hours, and a bit of love downstairs that rings the quarters.

pocket watch-daniel-vauchez-4

The case is beautiful, with a large star on the back.
Another smaller size with translucent red enamel on the guilloches, bordered by floral motifs and a faux shine bezel.


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