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Key Facts About A Pocket Watch

by scorpius channels on Mar 01, 2021

Pocket Watch

What is most important after food, shelter, and education? It’s time. We all need to move with time. Moving behind will affect our social, mental, and physical growth. The devices that help us maintain and manage time are mobile phones, television, radio, and watch. 

You can’t be in front of the television or radio all day in order to know about the time, it's not that convenient and using a mobile phone can work sometimes but imagine your mobile phone gets damaged or switched off. Then how will you manage your time and keep your work up to date.

Keeping a watch along is the most convenient method. Watches can be of different types for example Wrist Watch, Pocket Watch. 

As the name suggests Pocket watch is crafted to be carried in a pocket whereas, the Wristwatch is crafted to be carried on the wrist.

Pocket Watch

Discovery of Pocket watch

Pocket watches were discovered in the mid 16th Century, but the rise in demand for a pocket watch was seen after World War 1. Initially, watches were supposed to be hung around the neck using the chain, and these watches were quite heavy as well. 

It was quite inconvenient then after modification, and the Pocket watch was designed in such a way that you can carry it in your pocket. Later on, A chain was attached to the Pocket watch in order to prevent the watch and hold it tightly. The chain also prevented the watch from getting dropped somewhere and also provided an elegant look to the Pocket watch. 

Types of Pocket watch

  • Open face watches: 

It was the first-ever Pocket watch model. This type of Pocket watch is open from the front and back end as they lack metal cover. These watch styles are usually heavier than the other types.

It is the modified version of the pocket watch. The modification includes a hinge or a cover which opened by clicking on the button present on the top. It is further classified into categories:

  • Half hunter face watches:

It provides a smaller look to the watch as the cover is only present on the inner dial surface and makes it more appealing.

  • Full hunter face watches:

In this type of pocket watch, the watch lid or metal cover is present on the entire watch.

Pocket watch
  • Double hunter face watches:

It was considered a modern pocket watch, for those who couldn't decide between the half and full hunter face watches this watch type was the best suitable option as it provides two lids, i.e., one lid which covered the inner dial of the watch and another one was used to cover the outer ridge. It is usually the larger version of the watch.

Key facts about a pocket watch

  • Pocket watches are not so popular in the modern era, but in the mid 16th Century, they used to top the style trends.
  • We see three hands in a watch usually, but however, the 17th-century pocket watch didn’t include the minute hand. Contact pocketwatch.net today!


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