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Lépine: the watchmaker who refined the Pocket watch

by Le costumier De Bourges on Apr 25, 2021


Jean Antoine Lépine entered at the age of 18 to work (in the year 1744), with the Court Watchmaker Charles Caron. In 1756, he became Master Watchmaker and married his daughter, creating the company "Caron and Lépine". In 1766, he was appointed royal watchmaker. He is the author of the removal of the upper plate and pillars that replace it with bridges that "slim" notably the watch. He invented the exhaust with commas. A great businessman as well as a brilliant watchmaker, he opened a workshop and store in London and shortly thereafter partnered with the philosopher Voltaire and opened a large watch industry in Fernes, Switzerland. He was the watchmaker to Louis XV of Louis XVI and Napoleon Bonaparte.
Over the course of his life, he made nearly 6,000 Pocket watches, of which just over 150 have survived, most of which are in museums and collections around the world.


In the illustrations, three deck-thin Pocket watches with cylinder exhausts, the third of which got an alarm.





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