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How To Wind Up Your Pocket Watch According To The Rules

by Ayesha Ghazanfar on Jan 05, 2021

How To Wind Up Your Pocket Watch

Have you ever wondered how to wind your Pocket watch properly? This procedure may seem like a simple task. But you must perfom this task carefully if you want the device to function correctly, to enjoy the long life of an accessory. It would help if you focused on important concepts to know how to wind a mechanical Pocket watch properly.

Which watch needs a factory

Only mechanical Pocket watches need to be wound. Such models do not have an electronic power source, and gears begin to move only when they receive an impulse from a tightly wound spring. The spiral unwinds smoothly, gradually losing energy. When the impulse is completely at zero, the Pocket watch stops.

The owner carries out the winding procedure by rotating the crown. Its standard location is at the 3 o'clock position. There are options "for 4 o'clock" or on the left side; such a design brings originality to the look of the accessory. Most of the pocket watches have a crown at the top.

How To Wind Up Your Pocket Watch

Mechanics factory principle

Manual winding models:

  1. turn the crown until you feel resistance; this should be done in a clockwise direction;
  2. occasionally rotate slightly counterclockwise half a turn to achieve even distribution of the lubricant;
  3. do not overcome the resistance of the spring; otherwise, the mechanism can be damaged - on average, 20 turns are enough;
  4. It is recommended to wind the watch by holding it in hand so that the crown rotation has a smooth course.

How to wind up a self-winding watch

Follow the instructions:

  1. if the caliber has stopped, wind it in by turning the crown by hand (about 20 revolutions);
  2. never shake the watch to make it run;
  3. to wind the movement quickly and completely, it takes 40 to 80 turns of the crown (depending on the caliber).

Remember that it is not recommended to wear an automatic pocket watch that has stopped and has not been wound by a few turns of the crown. The maximum energy reserve will not be reached; the accuracy of the model will be reduced at first.

Setting the date and day of the week

A useful complication of spring-loaded accessories is the calendar. Moving the crown to the extreme right position is used to set the date. Note that you cannot set the date between 22:00 and 02:00.

It is necessary to pull out the crown to the exact position and turn it clockwise to set the date indication and counterclockwise to set the week's day. During the entire procedure, the model continues to move, so no additional time correction is required.

How often should the watch be wound

Even in the case when the movement functions up to 80 hours at one spring winding, we recommend using the accessory in a fully or close to full winding condition. It is recommended to carry out the plant once a day, at the same time every day.

If you rarely wear a wrist accessory, then you should start it at least once a month so that the lubricant is in optimal condition and does not stagnate.

The above actions will keep the pocket watch in good working order and extend its service life. By following the rules, the device will always show the exact time, will not lag behind or rush.


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