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Pocket Watch Tattoo Meaning

by Ayesha Ghazanfar on Nov 05, 2020

Pocket Watch Tattoo

Long gone are the days when the tattoo was an attribute of criminals, bikers, and sailors. Currently, a tattoo is a decoration on the body and a kind of way of self-expression. And those who are fond of pocket watches try to have a tattoo of a pocket watch on their body parts. Clock tattoos symbolize a time in all its forms. Depending on the sketch, they can mean important events in the past, the value of time as such, or they can remind the owner and those around him that nothing lasts forever and everything passes.

Pocket Watch Tattoo Meaning

As the pocket watches themselves, the history of the pocket watch is not new. And its trend is spreading with time.

Clock tattoo for girls

For girls, tattoo watches are always filled with the meaning associated with happiness. To put an image of the dial on the skin means to get closer to the cherished goal. The watch image is fanned with romance and positive vibes.

The meaning changes From the location on the body and the addition. The tattoo inscription on the girl's thighs is transformed into the memory of a specific life situation. Usually, such images are timed to coincide with significant turning events.

Pocket Watch Tattoo for men

For men, a watch tattoo bears the designation:

  • getting better with age;
  • ready for the volatility of the world;
  • the transience of being; o search for the meaning of life;
  • I appreciate the present
Pocket Watch Tattoo Meaning

On the other hand, men's chimes emphasize the wearer's business acumen. He is an accomplished person, ready to act at any moment. Without missing a moment, he reacts to valuable guidance from fate.

Many guys also prefer sand timepieces, which means both transience and reincarnation of the soul. Thus, moving the aspect of the transience of being into an eternal cycle of renewal.

Pocket Watch Tattoo Meaning

In life, pocket watches are rarely used. This mechanism is something special and, therefore, unique. A pocket watch tattoo can symbolize an extraordinary event in life that you want to remember forever.

Pocket watch tattoos are often combined with other symbols. As a result, the meaning of such a drawing may turn out to be much deeper than it seems at first sight. Be that as it may, the final meaning of the tattoo will only be known to its owner. However, there are some common combinations, the meaning of which is repeated from picture to picture, and you will see them later.

Pocket Watch with roses

In tattoos, watches are often depicted with roses. These flowers can mean beauty, love, or life. The drawing turns out to be extremely symbolic because the pocket watch emphasizes the transience of the flower's life, reminding how quickly time passes.

Also, a tattoo with a clock and flowers can express eternal love.

Pocket Watch with birds

Pocket watch tattoos are often depicted with various birds. The most popular of these are the raven and the owl. Both of these birds symbolize wisdom and knowledge. Therefore, in tattoos, the image of an owl or a crow with a watch will speak of the value of time. They also symbolize the experience that a person accumulates in life and becomes wiser over time.

Pocket Watch Tattoo Meaning

Skull and Pocket Watch

Pocket watch and skull are another popular combination of symbols in tattoos. They can express your attitude towards life and death and show the value of every minute. A clock tattoo with a skull can mean human mortality; it means that life is not eternal for any of us.

Pocket Watch and eye

Often, among male and female tattoos, you can find an image of an eye with a watch. Its meaning is made up of the meaning of both symbols. Thus, an eye and clock tattoo will mean that a person is clearly aware of time's importance. The All-Seeing Eye, depicted as a pyramid with an eye, will have the same meaning.

Broken Pocket Watch

A broken pocket watch tattoo signifies wasted time. Both males and females can draw this tattoo on different parts of their bodies.

Pocket watch and compass

The image of a compass and a watch in tattoos are often combined together. These two symbols complement each other perfectly, as their meaning is closely related. The watch and compass tattoo is a kind of talisman and means finding the right path throughout life.

Anchor watch

When it comes to tattoos, anchors never go out of style. The combination of the main element with the anchor in a single design can give the tattoo an additional meaning. Usually, the anchor is seen as a symbol of stability and strength.

Other meanings

The depiction of the dial and hands in watch tattoos can also tell a bit about the design's meaning. If the arrows express the value of time or a certain moment in life, their absence indicates a loss of time.

Pocket Watch Tattoo Meaning

Place for tattoo

When choosing a place to tattoo a watch, many people stop at their hands. This is logical because it is here that it is customary to wear this mechanism. Although, if the watch serves as an addition to a larger tattoo, then such a pattern can be placed on the chest or back.

According to statistics, men are more likely to choose watches as a tattoo than girls. The sketch usually includes a picture of a dial with Roman or Arabic numerals. Realism or black and gray performance is perfect as a style. Having supplemented the sketch with other elements, you can make a bright and memorable tattoo on the shoulder or forearm or completely hammer the entire arm.

If you know other meanings of a clock tattoo or do not agree with the options proposed here, you can share your opinion in the comments.


If you know other meanings of a clock tattoo or do not agree with the options proposed here, you can share your opinion in the comments. For better tattoo ideas, we have a different kind of pocket watches in our store. Visit and select one for you.


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