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Famous Pocket Watch Brands

by Ayesha Ghazanfar on Nov 11, 2020

Famous Pocket Watch Brands

A classy yet delicate fashion to establish both intricacy and elegance is to wear a pocket watch.

Aside from just giving a statement-an adequate pocket watch must be prepared as an excellent material. We are here to solve the biggest mystery of pocket watch’s brand choice easy for you. We will not just review particular best widespread, and exceedingly preferred pocket watches presently on the marketplace but will let you know those brands' historical backgrounds.

Pocket watch brands

Let’s get started:


Elgin Company was founded in 1864. The first watch was made in 1867 and installed at the BV Raymond railway station. Over the next 100 years, the company produced over 60 million copies.

Elgin has the idea to mass-produce high-quality pocket watches with porcelain dials and mechanical, interchangeable parts. Until 1850, clocks were mostly made by hand. But Elgin's company understood that a vast field of activity was opening up to produce high-quality watches, high-quality and affordable. Taking this concept into service, the company began to have factory-assembled parts for watches instead of hand-made elements. Elgin watches were never considered elite, but they took a firm place in the watch market's middle link. To this day, collecting Elgin watches is quite common because it has produced so many types of watches and spare parts that they can still be bought and repaired with ease. And even a century later, Elgin's antiquity can be used in everyday life, real, carefully, and lovingly. However, while mechanical watches cannot compete exactly with quartz watches, there will be an opinion that nothing can replace quartz watches. Today it is possible to buy Elgin brand watches only in specialized shops-salons and shops selling antiques. It is also possible to purchase these watches in online stores.

Patek Philippe

Since 1839, Patek Philippe from Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland, has continuously been involved in Genevan watchmaking creativity. As promised by the founders-Antoine Norbert de Patek and Adrien Philippe, the production team got full artistic liberty that permits them to plan, progress, and craft watches that experts ponder on being the most delicate watch sob the globe.

A Complete Manufacture:

With precipitously incorporated production, Patek Philippe is liberated manufacture. It has its workshops where they have a development center too; they craft and contrives all activities and peripheral mechanisms in them. They can craft complicated in-house models from elementary models and complex watches by dedication, devotion, and enthusiasm. Every watch experiences the lifetime best experience for its users– from the initial drafts to the ultimate assemblage. All of its timepieces ever made by Patek Philippe, they take charge to service and upkeep them even since 1839.

Patek Philippe offers a collection of watches that makes the brand top-notch.  Collections are listed below;

  • The Grand Complications Collection
  • The Complications Collection
  • The Calatrava Collection
  • The Gondolo Collection
  • The Golden Ellipse Collection
  • The Nautilus Collection
  • The Aquanaut Collection
  • The Twenty~4 Collection
  • The Pocket Watches Collection

Geneva Watch Group

An inclusive ground breaker in the configuration, fabrication, and delivery of eminent watches are well-known to all-Geneva Watch Group. The founding produces timepieces under the authorization for elegance and lifestyle brands, for instance,

  • Unlisted,
  • BCBGMaxAzria,
  • Sean John
  • BCBGeneration
  • Kenneth Cole Reaction
  • Kenneth Cole New York.

 The group has accumulated a top-notch strategy squad that uses a meditative arty procedure that pledges a range of matchless aspects to hook every eye and refined relish of the contemporary customer. Focusing on trademark augmentation, the stylists flawlessly add and pair every brand's shades and features while being on the lookout for the collection’s general aesthetic. The company's goal is to offer distinguished timepieces that supplement and highlight the distinct panache of both the valued customers and the brand itself.

Geneva strives to uphold the equal level of excellence in every brand's wholesale as it does in the craft and fabrication. The group's commitment is evident from its dynamic sales and transforming the elegant design and first-class produces into brand triumph. Geneva takes a pre-emptive attitude in functioning carefully with consumers and vendors contained by each medium. The vow is to the decisive accomplishment of every assemblage the group put together.


In the golden era of 1875, while the United States of America was inflowing its chain of the paradigmatic mark in the history of the nation.

The single-mindedness of the brand became -to craft superlative class timers for an ever-changing and vibrant landscape. They have augmented their peculiar exceptional “hunter” style that is not hinged on other pocket watches.

The American brand with a relentless drive for its novelty and efficient craftsmanship, Joseph Bulova put up his brand-and then footing on this they sustained genuine to their standing with their undertaking of the historical pocket watch.

From consistent revolutionary manufacture of watches to the emerging first effusive electronic watch-Bulova’s industry innovations encompassed the whole lot with their branded tuning-fork grounded technology, creating it the best flawless watch in the world.

Some of the emerging advancements of Bulova’s industry are as follow;

  • the Photo timer
  • the Precisionist collection
  • he Curv collection
  • the Accutron
  • Omega Watches

Bulova is still compelled by the unchanged fundamental values of expertise, innovation, and proficiency shown by the initiator over 143 years back. Copious to Joseph Bulova himself, their standards are still the same and fashion their directions - flouting borders along the way to bring the outstanding.


Tissot-A Dynasty of Invention has been delivering the high-class Swiss-Made timepieces to the sphere for more than a century and a half. It was found in 1853 in Le Locle, Switzerland. Being one of the largest exporters of watches in Switzerland, Tissot endures its legacy, fortifying advancement and continuously expanding. Tissot- a reliable name in the watch industry, has always been at the top, and their pocket watches are similarly commendable. The brand has global ambassadors who help to binge the world about them. At Tissot, the founders compelled to upgrade their timepieces persistently, by no means contented to leave well sufficient unaccompanied. The brand is dedicated to surpassing and outshining themselves in the watch industry.

 The Tissot Bridgeport Lepine Mechanical watch-is a perfect magnificence to witness, and watch-lovers hunt for this specific watch just for the artistically attractive aspects. The charm of devouring an automated watch never croaks, and this watch retains it flourishing with the meandering mechanism to breeze the watch. 

Innovators By Tradition:

Tissot is evolving drive design and manufacture, emerging novel engines for their watches as the Swissmatic that offers 3 days of power stand-in. The brand to us pledges that Tissot never stops ground-breaking.

Some of the innovations of Tissot are along these lines;

  • Tissot-Omega watches
  • SMH

·        Tissot Unisex Savonnette

  • Tissot Bridgeport Lepine Mechanical watch

The brands mentioned above are famous worldwide for producing pocket watches. You can also visit our store for more attractive pocket watches for men and women.

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