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The Universal Pocket Watch of Perret Berthoud

by Le costumier De Bourges on Apr 25, 2021


In 1897, George Perret and Louis Berthoud founded the PERRET & BERTHOUD company in the Swiss town of Le Locle, which specialized in sound watches and chronographs.


A year later, on September 2, 1898, they registered the company and changed its name to UNIVERSAL WATCH, Le Locle. In 1934, the head office was transferred to Geneva, Le Locle was removed and GENEVA was added to internationalize the company.

The Pocket watch in the images is a quarter-repeating clock, made by Perret and Berthoud in 1898, which they would continue to produce under the name Universal watch. At the end, an unusual universal pocket watch that skips hours


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