How to wear a pocket watch

Pocket Watch Tips For Men

by Ayesha Ghazanfar on Jan 20, 2021

Pocket Watch Tips For Men

Pocket Watch Tips For Men

Many years ago, pocket watches were considered one of the main accessories in men's fashion. This is the oldest type of watch. But despite its "prescription", it still does not go out of fashion. You can still buy it and wear it freely.

There was a time when watches were considered an heirloom value because they are passed from one generation to another. The presence of such a thing boldly declares to society that your family has always had the finest taste.

Today pocket watches are convenient for those who are bored with wristwatches. In order not to waste a lot of time looking for this stylish accessory in your pockets, we have prepared for you some tips on how to wear it correctly and with what.


You immediately need to choose a chain for your watch.

Remember: it is necessary that the material from which it is made and the color match the watch.

Pocket Watch Tips For Men

As a rule, the watch itself is attached to one edge, and a key chain is attached to the other. Then you can attach the chain to a button or some kind of eyelet on your clothes, and leave the key chain in a prominent place.

The double chain must be attached to the middle of the chain, leaving the ends free. To one edge, if desired, you can attach a folding knife or key chain. It is customary to wear a watch at the other end of the chain and keep it in your pocket. Two chain loops remain in a visible place.

What to wear with

In the old fashioned way, it would be customary to wear such a watch in a special small vest pocket. Now such an element of clothing is found on men much less often, so we will consider other, more modern options.

  • The chain is very convenient to carry in the inside pocket of your jacket. Put the keychain in the second pocket. So, when you unbutton your jacket, it will look like an independent attribute of your style.
  • A pocket watch is also allowed to be worn in a pants pocket. In this case, the chain is attached to the belt. This is how watches are most often worn today.
  • If you, nevertheless, put on a vest, then attach the chain to the button, and put the watch in a special pocket.


Be sure to decide on the side on which you plan to attach the watch.

According to the rules, the side opposite to the dominant hand should be chosen.

If you are right-handed, put your watch in your left pocket and vice versa.


Although this piece of jewelry is stylish, you should be aware that wearing it is not always suitable for the occasion. Where would a pocket watch still be appropriate?

  • At a party where the dress code is 19th and 20th-century fashion.
  • For any event where men should be in tuxedos or tailcoats.

As you know, wearing a watch with a tuxedo is considered inappropriate.

  • Everywhere and always, if a person is not afraid to be accused of showing off dandyism.

Watch care

Every thing needs care. Pocket watches are no exception, especially if they are of great value.

  1. Don't forget to wind your watch. Both old and new models need to be started every 1-2 days. Make it a habit to wind your watch in the morning and it won't let you down.
  2. Clean them regularly. The procedure should be carried out immediately after removing them. Soft, dry suede is ideal for cleaning. However, use a metal cleaner.
  3. Don't forget to polish. This procedure is essential if you want your watch to shine. Use a special polish for these surfaces.


The choice of accessories should always be taken very carefully. If you become the proud owner of such an amazing thing as a pocket watch, you are guaranteed public attention. This attribute has been in fashion for many years. He will not only be a faithful assistant but also emphasize your style. There is only one thing, and there are so many virtues in it.

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