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Wearing A Stylish Pocket Watch Along With Waistcoat

by Le costumier De Bourges on Feb 05, 2021

Wearing A Stylish Pocket Watch Along With Waistcoat

A good pocket watch pares greatly with a good waistcoat. Moreover, a pocket watch is normally worn along with a waistcoat. Pocket watch chain draping from the buttonhole and going towards the other pocket feels very classy and elegant.

If you want to know how to style your pocket watch along with your waistcoat, then you are at the right place. Getting this styled and waistcoat can be a tricky task. Today, you’ll understand how you should wear a stylish pocket watch along with your waistcoat so that it looks highly elegant.

So Let’s Dive in:-

Choosing The Best Pocket Watch

There are a lot of different types of pocket watches available in the market. However, there is some difference between the traditional and modern designs of pocket watches.

Therefore, you should select the best pocket watch according to your needs and preferences. Moreover, you should see which design of pocket watch you like. This will allow you to have a good pocket watch that matches your style.

Pocket Watch

Selecting Your Chain

After you have selected a nice pocket watch for you, now is the turn to select your chain for pocket watch. A good quality chain will complete your outfit. You just have to match your chain with the metal of your pocket watch.

One of the most common chain types to wear with your waistcoat is “T- bar chain”. The T- bar chain is considered best for this style because it holds your pocket watch in a very safe manner. 

Matching The Watch And The Waistcoat

Matching pocket watches along with your waistcoat is one of the most important factors of all. Given below are some of the basic combinations of pocket watches and waistcoats:- 

Blue Suit – Silver Pocket Watch

Light Grey Suit – Silver Pocket Watch

Navy Suit – Silver or Gold Pocket Watch

Black Suit – Silver or Gold Pocket Watch

Dark Grey – Silver or Rose Gold Pocket Watch

These combinations are there to guide you. However, you can also create your own style and combinations. 

Stylish Pocket Watch

Attaching Pocket Watch to Your Waistcoat

After following the above steps, now you are ready to attach your pocket watch along with your waistcoat. There are a few steps involved in attaching pocket watches to your waistcoat. These steps are discussed below:-

  • Firstly, you have to place a pocket watch on the waistcoat’s pocket.
  • Now pass the chain of your pocket watch from the buttonhole and put it in the opposite pocket.
  • Keep in mind that your watch has to go on the left side of your pocket if you are right-handed and vice versa if you are left-handed.
  • This enables your dominant hand to access pocket watches whenever you want.
  • For some extra styling, you can take the chain and put it over the button of the waistcoat after it passes from the buttonhole.

Now you are ready to show off your elegant waistcoat, and your pocket watch looks like an elegant chain running through your waistcoat. This look will make you look more elegant and sophisticated at the same time. If you are looking for a high-quality and affordable pocket watch, Contact us for more details.


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