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Are Pocket Watches Still Made?

by scorpius channels on Feb 24, 2021

Pocket Watch

Pocket watches are a work of mechanical engineering and used to be the symbol of status for the rich and elites during the 19th Century. They are not only used as a part of men's fashion but also for navigation in air, land and sea. There are different outfits designed especially to accommodate the pocket watches. 

Three-piece suits have become rare in the 21st Century unless you are at a formal occasion or it's freezing cold. So, the presence of modern watches and semi-formal fashion culture has made pocket watches disappear from fashion.

So does it mean that Pocket Watches have stopped being in production? Are they still made? The answer is yes, and they are still capable of complementing an outfit just like any other men's accessories like cuff links.

Pocket Watch

However, the vibe of the presence of a Pocket Watch is totally different than that of the prolific modern watches. Wristwatches are way more perfected and easy to use, which sets easily according to all types of needs. So, is spending a heavy amount on a pocket watch worth the hassle?

Let us discuss that and dive into our discussion but first, lets us learn about the history of the Pocket Watches.

The journey of Pocket Watch

You can easily scratch the history of 5 centuries of Pocket watch history, and it will only be on its surface with 5,000 words. But our main objective is to make readers understand the significance of not just the material but its brands and value.

The first pocket watch was said to be invented in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1510 by Peter Henlien. It had gears and cogs which were precise enough to get fitted in hand, which measured just the accurate time for that era. These watches were way too ungainly and large for today's standards. They were initially worn around the neck as a chain. 

They had hour hands and were fitted in the clock towers for everyone to see. The concept that brought a revolution was the ability to carry watches with us, but since they were quite expensive for that time, they were only worn by the wealthy and rich.

Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch Revolution

During the late 1850s, standard parts started to become more prominent and commonplace. More and more people started to buy the pocket watches, and there was a mass production as they grew in popularity.

Two of the great companies involved in this pioneering were Tissot and American Waltham. Since these timepieces were not automatic, they had to wind up manually to make it work. A separate key was inserted into the respective slot of every watch. 

But, they were very impractical, and you couldn't carry them everywhere, so the introduction of wristwatches during World War 1, where time could be available with you whenever you needed it without the retrieval, was vastly adopted among the folks.

In modern culture, pocket watches are still popular among watch enthusiasts, journalists and watchmakers. There are a variety of brands available that still produce beautiful and elegant timepieces as a display of value and honor. Contact us pocket-watch.net and get the best pocket watches.

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