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Pocket Watch Pictures and Their Details

by Ayesha Ghazanfar on Oct 20, 2020

Pocket Watch Pictures

Pocket watches differ in mechanisms, design, and construction. In addition to modern electronic devices with music, if desired, placed in a strap, there are rare collectible male models: quartz, with a beat and melody, gold with an adornment with precious stones, enamel. This article will share some pictures regarding clock mechanisms, designs, models, and accessories. So let's discuss them in detail.

Pocket Watch mechanisms

The key plant is "Key-wind, key-set". Most pocket watches of the early period were started with a special key included in the package. It was inserted into a hole in the back cover of the device.

Pocket Watch Pictures

The winding shaft is “Stem-wind, stem-set”. The watch appeared in 1850 thanks to the watchmaker Patek Philippe. The owner could wind them without a key by turning the crown located on the case.

pocket watch pictures

The winding shaft with blocking - "Stem-wind, lever-set". The standard design of all railway clocks was available after 1908. The owner had to open the Glass and move the lever located on the dial to the time setting (winding) position. If the lever was set to the winding mode, the watch mechanism would wind up, and it was not possible to bring down the time.

pocket watch pictures

Hunter case

Mechanical watch under a metal cover, opened by pressing a special button. The spring-operated watch was practical and protected from damage and dirt.

Hunter case Pocket Watch Pictures


It is an economical option without a protective cap and chain, introduced in 1876.

open faced pocket watch pictures


Lanco offers collectors a unique triangular-shaped piece, made in a gold-plated case with two plates.

Lanco Pocket Watch Pictures


The presence of a window distinguishes the model, sometimes protected by another glass. This design is convenient for the owner to view the time without having to open the device lid. It is noteworthy that the first striking pocket watch was manufactured in 1775 by the Breguet company, owned by the talented mechanic Abraham-Louis Breguet. He managed to put miniature bells in the clock, on which tiny hammers were struck at a certain time.

Demi-hunter pocket watch pictures


Mechanical model Swiss-French made in 1950 with a case design typical of that time, made of chrome and steel, and covered with gold plating. The case of the 1960 copy is made of silver.

A silver model with a lid depicting the image of St. Patrick is rare.

pocket watch pictures


Heno is a 1960 copy of the company of the same name, featuring a cow on a nickel and chrome case.

Heno Pocket Watch Pictures

Antique clock "Omega"

It is a  watch with 150 years of history began by Louis Brandton, who turned 23 years old in 1842. Louis collected watches from parts bought from local artisans. The products were in great demand and provided the owner with a comfortable life.

After Louis's death, the business passed to his sons, who converted their father's workshop into small production. Mechanisms and spare parts Louis-Paul and Cesar Brandton produced independently. In 1884 the first caliber was produced, named after the letter "Omega" from the Greek alphabet. Therefore, products are now called that way. After that, the company, formerly called Louis Brandt & Fills, was also renamed.

Pocket watch pictures

In 1909 the Omega Company became the Official Timekeeper of the Hot Air Balloon Race. And 23 years later, she was honored to perform in the same incarnation at the Olympic Games. In 1903, the brothers died, and their family business passed to four sons who continued the dynasty.

pocket watch pictures

The period from 1975 to 1980 was difficult times for the company. The crisis bankrupted Omega, and the Japanese company expressed its desire to become the company's new owners. The deal did not materialize; the company was rescued by the banks that had pledged Omega.

Pattern 300

The 1940 military watch was made for the British Royal Navy, as evidenced by the corresponding markings on the case. These and other models of antique pocket-size watch movements are found at auctions today. 

 pocket watch pictures

Pocket Watch Accessories Pictures 

A pocket watch is a construction of several accessories designed to measure time. For ease of wearing, the case with the dial is attached to a chain. The kit often includes a special key chain to secure the accessory. It is designed to be attached to a pocket on a vest or trousers. Such a pocket is called a sentry pocket.

Pocket watch pictures

Interestingly, items such as vests appeared as a tribute to the fashion for pocket watches. Small watch pocket can be hidden or external and is located on the chest. The chain serves not only as a fastener and addition to the watch, but as a full-fledged accessory and even decoration.

Watches were often made to order from precious metals, with inscriptions, patterns and stones on the case. Such copies were not cheap, and in modern times their cost can generally be considered prohibitive.

Pocket watch accessories pictures

Remarkable is the fact that the mechanism of the old watch was wound with the key included in the kit. It was square in shape and worn on a chain. Therefore, having a pocket on your clothes was a necessity. Otherwise, the structure would simply have nowhere to locate. Special stands were also popular accessories for pocket watches. These were real works of art, which were proudly displayed in full view of the house. They are still highly regarded by collectors and antique dealers.

Earlier, only a select few could afford to purchase a miniature device for determining the time. Today, as before, the presence of a pocket watch is a sign of material wealth and high status, especially if the specimen is made of gold or silver.

pocket watch accessories pictures

A pocket watch functions as an external accessory and can complement both women's and men's wardrobe. Depending on the style, they can be combined with any outfit. We offer our customers a wide variety of pocket watch movements with lids. Such detail allows protecting glass from damage, also performing a decorative function: its surface is engraved, stones and rhinestones. Everyone can order a pocket watch in the online store.

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