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Transformation of Pocket Watch

by scorpius channels on Feb 25, 2021

Pocket Watch

In ancient times, measuring time was quite a task and devices used for the same were very bulky. These devices were unable to tell the accurate time as well. So keeping track of time was difficult. Imagine what if there is no time management for one day in your life? It will be like your whole life is a mess, and you will be unable to deal with it.

  • First-ever clocks

It comprises of two categories:

  • Water clock
  • It comprised a vessel and water, and time was calculated depending upon the amount of water left in the vessel. Later on, water was used as a tool for measuring accurate time.

  • Sundial clock
  • It tells time by measuring the shadow cast by the centre knob.

    Later on, 

  • Weight driven clocks
  • Weight driven clocks were invented in the 13th century. They used water as a tool for measuring accurate time. They were big enough, due to which they were used in government buildings and churches.

     Pocket watch
    • Development in watches

    In the 16th century, springs were used instead of heavyweights, which made it easy for craftsmen to design small size watches. These watches are used to tell accurate time, but they were quite heavy then the watch that we use today hence. It was worn around the neck with the help of a chain. These watches were quite expensive and can be afforded by some only, but later on, In the 17th century, when these watches were introduced in the world, they became quite popular and became the first-ever movable watches.

    • First-ever pocket watch

    In the early stages, these watches were big and heavy. Later on, craftsmen decided to remodify the look of these watches, and slowly they were transformed to round and slimmer look, and the first-ever engraving on watches came into being. Then chains were attached to the watch to protect them from being dropped or getting lost. In the 19th century, manufacturers began to improve the quality of the watches. They used to send hand in the pocket, which meant they are more precise than ever. There was a great demand for these watches in the 19th century due to the increasing railway accidents in America.

    Pocket Watch

    The railway department adopted these pocket watches in 1893 and was customized according to the railway department and called railroad-grade pocket watches. Slowly, these watches gained popularity due to their sleek look and were transferred from fathers to sons and became a cultural heritage of the family. They are considered classy and exclusive timepieces

    • Luxury pocket watches

    Pocket watches were considered one of the best portable technologies that man could ever build. Moreover, the elegance and unique style of pocket watches make them stand out from the crowd. 

    As of now, pocket watches are viewed as one of the best style statements in the world. 

    You will definitely feel as if you are a very stylish person, and you will surely stand out from the crowd when you wear a luxury pocket watch.


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