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How to buy a pocket watch in 2021

by Ayesha Ghazanfar on Jan 20, 2021

How To Buy A Pocket Watch In 2021

For a long time, pocket watches were used only to keep time, but over the years they also became fashion accessories. The pocket watch was invented in the mid-1500s and widely used by people from the upper social class. However, these watches are shining again and now there are many people in love with it. If you are one of them, continue with us!

Shopping guide

A must-have item for men until the mid-1920s, the pocket watch is now considered a retro product. For a long time it was replaced by traditional wristwatches, but since everything in fashion is fleeting, today it is back.

While not all people appreciate this accessory, those who like it do not give up having different models. This type of watch is very elegant, practical, and impressive, and in this buying guide, you will know in-depth details about it.

Purchase criteria: factors to choose the best pocket watch

Before buying the ideal pocket watch, it is essential to pay attention to a few details that will help you choose the best model. Below you will find a list of all of them.

Now we will detail these criteria so that you have no doubts.

New or used

One of the first decisions to make when choosing a pocket watch is whether to buy new or used. The new models are made with more modern materials and mechanisms. They can also be found in versions with a more vintage or simpler and classic touch. Another positive point is that new pocket watches are guaranteed by the manufacturer and are unlikely to have any malfunctions.

The main positive point of the used watch is that they have a unique and exclusive design. On the other hand, since it is older, it may have some defects, either in its structure or operation.

New pocket watch

Used pocket watch

Main positive points

It has a guarantee, it is made with more modern materials and it hardly presents any problems.

It has a distinctive and exclusive design.

Main negative points

It may not have such high durability and is not exclusive

It may have some structural or functional defects.

Size and weight

Another important point regarding the choice of a pocket watch is its size and weight. These two characteristics will make a difference in the usability of this product. Larger and heavier models may not fit in small pockets and even get in the way of everyday life. Because of this, they are not a good option for those who want to wear this accessory frequently.

The very small can make it difficult to see the time since their numbers are not large. Therefore, the ideal is to opt for a medium pocket watch, which does not weigh or bother you.

How to buy a pocket watch in 2021

Chain length

Many pocket watch models come with a chain for attachment. This chain is an important part of this product and it is made in different sizes.

There are versions of approximately 20 centimeters, others that reach up to 30 and the longest can be up to 80 centimeters in length.

In general, medium chains with just over 20 centimeters are best suited. That's because they are not short enough to get in the way, nor too long.

However, if you want to wear the watch on your neck, options over 12 inches are best.


Because it is made of metallic materials, the pocket watch does not come in a wide variety of shades. Therefore, it is very common to have options in silver and gold. There are also models in black and copper, which are the most different.

When choosing one of them, just keep in mind your personal tastes.


The pocket watch can be made from the most diverse raw materials and each one of them guarantees a lower or higher quality. The versions with the best quality are those developed in gold and silver. Both materials have excellent durability and strength.

Another material widely used in pocket watch production is stainless steel, which has very positive properties. Its greatest advantages are the value, which is lower than that of silver, and the ability not to oxidize.

There are also options made with alloy steel. This is a slightly inferior raw material to the previous ones, but it has a good quality. The downside is that some alloys, depending on their composition, can rust.

Where to buy a pocket watch?

The pocket watch is a product that can be bought new or used. Therefore, those looking for one of these can buy it directly from watch shops or from stores that sell vintage goods such as second-hand stores.

Online is even easier to find this watch model. Several sites work with the sale of this accessory and the best option is pocket-watch.net.


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