How to wear a pocket watch

How to Wear a pocket watch 2

by Ayesha Ghazanfar on Nov 05, 2020


Some pieces certainly do not vanish, although time marks them outdated or less hands-on. The pocket watches – worn more like a piece of typical menswear instead of a standard watch. The most frequently asked questions we get around are querying diverse methods of carrying a pocket watch. So here we are to answer your questions in detail.


Do You Really Think Pocket Watches Are Dead???? Think again!

Meeting the stability amongst the vintage chic and coming off approximating steampunk costume isn’t as demanding as you ponder. To start a new collection in no time, firstly we need to understand how to wear a pocket watch in today’s style.

So, let’s get started;

Initiating as far-off back as the Sixteenth century, it vanished out to the wristwatch through World War II. At present, although, it probably arises with reminiscence attached – possibly for the era menswear or as an inheritance handed down from generation over generation.

In any case, if you’re thinking about wearing a pocket watch, here’s how to go about it. We first need to know the types of pocket watches cases and the types of chains attached to them.

Types of Pocket Watches Cases:

The pocket watch back in time was known as Nuremberg watches or eggs.  These timepieces were sizably more prominent initially than they are at present, and wearers didn’t pleat them into their pockets off the flap. Nuremberg eggs were worn out about the neck or attached to a male’s outfit.

Afar times went by, pocket watch cases have two diverse designs:

Hunter case: 

These watches comprise of a spring-loaded metal cover deliberated to shield the glass or crystal from any damage or impairment. The lid shows a dump at the mid, proposing sufficient space for the operator to read the time.

Open face: 

This style was a prerequisite for late nineteenth-century train track workers excludes the closure lid. Additionally, this design enhances a pendant above the 12 o’clock pointer, and a substitute dial adjacent to the 6 o’clock pointer. Whirling off this, the sidewinder augments the overthrow to both six and three o’clock spots.

Types of Pocket Watch Chains:

Underneath is the assemblage of chain types and fittings to support attaching your pocket watch to a vest or jeans or pants etc. This is hypothetically the most celebrated and traditional flair of wearing a pocket watch. 


  1. Albert T-Bar:

The archetypal Albert T-Bar is the most delicate chain type to be combined with a vest or jacket.  The boutonniere has a tendency to carry the bar in place; complying thou to fasten the pocket watches with on the far side and pile on either side or breast pocket. There are some types of Albert T-Bar can lead you to style your waistcoat-in a chic way!

  • Single Albert – suspended from a chain the pocket watch is worn, which fixes at the pocket of your waistcoat. It is exquisite and leaves the pocket watch convenient to grasp.
  • Double Albert-- with the same as of Single Albert fixing, it has split ends meeting in a pocket on each side. This type of chain is not only more impressive and exciting, but it could also be valuable to watch over other items.
  • Fob—It is the drop of the watch outside the pocket.
  • Single Albert with Drop-- Same as Single Albert but has a drop of the dial from the middle.
  • Single Albert with Demi Drop--
  • Double Albert with Drop-- Same as Double Albert but has a drop of the dial from the middle on either side of the chain.

2.       Belt Bar:

Thanks to the name, you can most likely predict where a belt loop fastens to - it just slips on top of the strap or the topmost of pantaloons to let you tightly put down the watch in the pocket intended for an archetypal appearance.

3.       Bolt Ring:

To accumulate the watch in the pockets, more or less those mentioned above that of the prototypical belt loop, bolt ring chains tie up to the trouser belt loop. Though, they can likewise be tethered to the buttonhole of your vest.

How To Wear A Fob watch;

  • With A Vest Or Waistcoat:

A vest and a weskit are ultimately complementary wears. To a certain degree, an extra causal look is notable, whereas waistcoat is earmarked instead of ceremonial or official wear plus is complemented using a tie. Notwithstanding whatever somebody calls it, this bare sleeved attire is flawless for this portable watch.


Putting on a pocket watch along with a very owns waistcoat or vest is very easy. Keep the timepiece in any of the pockets of your vest or waistcoat. Through the buttonhole directly beyond it, loop the chain.

The chosen button determines how much chain anyone to dangle down. The pocket should be selected must always be any divergent to thy leading hand.

Paramount Fob watch Chain for Vests and Waistcoats are the T-Bar chains and Bolt Ring chains.

  • With A Suit Jacket Or Blazer:

Tie up one side of the chain to the collar buttonhole and keep the sentinel in the breast pocket, putting on the pocket watch along with a blazer or a costume jacket. It is such a cool manner of fetching attention to your suit devoid of having to go all-inclusive with any other accessory.  It gives a pronounced gaze for any wedding or official event.

Most delicate Timepiece Chain for Blazers and Suit Jackets are the T-Bar chains and Bolt Ring chains.


Hold on; we are familiar with the fact that- jeans and a fob watch aren’t a blend anyone would usually imagine to be in cahoots. Still, by the dead-on designing, denim and a pocket watch marks an eccentric imprint.

The recommendation is picking for grey, black, or exact dark blue, smarter slim or straight apt jean, instead of a shaky or loose-fitting option while wearing a pocket watch. Lineup your jeans with a blazer jacket or shirt to dead heat the expression composed and get it in hand there - the flawless shrewd off-the-cuff mishmash!


The envisioned position of pocket watches is revealed exactly so here in its title – pocket. But then and yet again, that doesn’t bounce sense that someone can’t breakdown with convention and put it on around the neckline.


You need to attire the timepiece as a necklet, remove the fob watch chain, and change it with a metallic necklet chain or leather string.

How did our ancestors wear pocket watches?

To better understand the present, one should turn to the origins and find out how pocket watches were worn before when there were no wristwatches. As soon as the movement began to take on a flat shape and have a low weight, they began to be worn in a vest pocket, using a chain of gold, platinum, or silver.

In the overwhelming majority, it was the lower left pocket of the vest, one end of the chain was attached to the mechanism, and the other to one of the button loops of the vest, which was chosen just above the pocket so that the chain had a beautiful bend. A reliable connection was provided by a carabiner, a metal latch, or a hook; often, the main chain was supplemented with a kind of keychain. The military and railway workers wore watches in the pocket of a jacket or jacket.

Could the watch be worn in trousers? Yes, this phenomenon was very widespread in the last century, the watch was located in a special small pocket, and the chain was attached to a belt loop or to a belt with a carabiner.

It was customary to wear watches with an exquisite design on an original chain in theatres and at important official meetings, emphasizing their position in society. Modern fashionistas often attach watches not to a chain, but their wrist, choosing bracelets. But true connoisseurs prefer the pocket version, which needs to be started with a key to work.

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