How to wear a pocket watch

How to wear a pocket watch

by Le costumier De Bourges on Jul 09, 2020


It was the most common watch worn by men during the 20th century. This men's fashion accessory is becoming more and more trendy, thanks to its prominence in various films and series.

The Pocket Watch became trendy again thanks to the British period crime drama Peaky Blinders, whose story takes place in the 1920s; the clothing style of that time is also associated with The Great Gatsby. We can find the mythical haircut of that time, but also accessories still very popular today such as the tie clip, bow tie, suspenders or the 3-piece suit.

In this show, one very often finds the pocket watch in the pockets and hands of the characters, which at the time was the essential element of masculine refinement.

You want to adopt this emblematic style? It is important to know how to wear the Pocket Watch and how to accessorize it to your outfits.


How to match your pocket watch with your outfits?

The Pocket Watch can be slipped into the pocket of your waistcoat or trouser pocket, it is connected to a chain which is attached to a button on the waistcoat, or the loops on your belt. Your watch then becomes one with you!

We will present you with styles and outfit possibilities, whatever your mood, your desires, the cut of your clothes or the occasion. The reference site of the Pocket Watch, offers you a wide choice of watches, chains, cases and boxes for a chic and original look.


A. Suit, the pocket watch's best friend

Vintage and Steampunk style pocket watches are basic for those who want to adopt a vintage style and for lovers of sartorial art. Indeed, the 3-piece suit adapting to all morphologies (jacket, waistcoat and suit pants), is one of the most elegant and traditional outfits of the men's wardrobe, moreover by associating it with one of our pocket watches.

The "bespoke" suit and the watches maintain a relationship that is more than just friendly. These two friends have a great many enthusiasts and experts in common. And you, can you now imagine wearing a suit without your pocket watch?

  • Vintage Pocket Watches are timepieces with an old-fashioned look, precious evidence of the masculine elegance of the 20th century. They are perfect for formal styles and will suit people who wear the suit on a daily basis or for formal occasions such as weddings.


  • Steampunk Pocket Watches come from a current present in artistic works and the world of creation, and refer back to the time of the industrial revolution by playing on a fantasized vision of the place of Man in an automated society.

This style of pocket watch is perfectly suited to a retro and offbeat style, very popular with people with a gothic and rock style. They impress and intrigue with their elaborate designs that will sublimate your outfit.


Here's a tutorial video by Kevin Webster.


B. Casual look for your pocket watch

These pocket watches also match a more modern look, known as "casual". The most emblematic piece being the Jean's, it is important to see how to associate the pocket watch with this garment worn all around the world.

Did you know that the small jeans pocket, commonly called the fifth pocket, was originally invented by Levis Strauss to hold his mechanical pocket watch. Like the suit vest pocket, the fifth pocket of jeans, it is also called the Gusset Pocket.



This pocket allowed the cowboy and the worker to place their Automatic pocket watches in it. Today this pocket is abandoned, so why not use it as the cowboys did before us? Our recommended outfit with these mid-season jeans could be a pair of moccasins, a Hilfiger sportswear-style polo shirt and a zip-up sweater on the shoulders, not forgetting our Automatic Mechanical pocket watch.

In addition to denim jeans, the Chino pants have an important place in our current outfits. Both dressy and casual, these pants are suitable for a multitude of occasions: dates, outings with friends, aperitifs and weekends. It is also very practical to hang your pocket watch on the belt loops, which are placed in the Italian pockets of the trousers.

C. Women's pocket watches

Wearing pocket watches around the neck was once reserved for women. Women did not wear a waistcoat or a suit and therefore did not wear a pocket watch in a pocket. It was in the 19th century, when watches became more affordable, that women began to wear them as necklaces.

This period jewel was worn as pendants around the neck, smaller and thinner than men's, it came to sublimate a woman's elegance. Nowadays, the pendant watch is an accessory for both women and men.

As we have seen, the pocket watch was worn as a pendant by women. This accessory will be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe because nowadays, this watch can be worn with a dress, slim fit jeans, a sailor skirt, an ecru suit, a striped tunic or even leggings and its lace tank top. It is an accessory that can complete your work outfit, combined with your pumps, boots, ballerinas or booties.

Elegant, the pocket watch is timeless and will bring charm to your outfit.

women's pocket watch

Style Codes & Accessories around the pocket watch

The watch is by itself a luxury accessory, accompanied by certain ornaments and attributes, it will make you stand out from the crowd with your vintage retro look. We have selected for you the essentials for both men and women.

A. The Chain for pocket watch

The traditional way to wear a pocket watch is to attach it to the end of a chain. It is the symbol of refinement, you can find different models of chains according to the shape of their ends; they are used to attach the watch to your waistcoats, shirts or trousers.

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, they ensure the maintenance and security of your watch. 

Our favorite chain is The Albert Chain or T-Bar carries at its end a horizontal bar which is at the origin of its name. It is the famous Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria of England, who was at the origin of its popularity throughout Europe.


Albert Chain

B.Vintage Style Codes

To have a Peaky Blinders style like long jackets, cardigans, striped pants and derbies, you have to adopt certain codes of conduct and style. The Peaky Blinders are an essential part of the period wardrobe, even today they will fit your more modern suits and ties.

Another accessory that should be part of your collection, the Leather Straps or rather leather suspenders from Baron Bretelle, were the belt of the time. As belts were not popular, they ensured that your pants would stay in place regardless of your body type.

As for the Headgear, it was the main attribute of the men's wardrobe (in viscose, polyester, with leather or corduroy yoke), the navy blue Fedora, the grey boater's hat or the beige cashmere golf cap was the trend of the time and has recently reappeared on the fashion catwalks.

Clothing style is a key part of the Gatsby look, however, the physical aspect should not be neglected. Today's trendy Haircut is no more or less the same cut as the gradations of the time. A real gradation, is meant to be shaved white on the sides and back, the length of the hair gradually increasing as it rises to the top of the head. Go to your barber for a fresh, trendy and vintage look!

You now have all the keys in hand to adopt whatever your style, the Pocket Watch. Whether you are hipster, fitted suit, casual or offbeat, our watches will fit your wardrobe. Women's fashion is not far behind this trend, as women's ready-to-wear has nowadays access to this mythical accessory.

You want to adopt the authentic style of the Shelby family, we have what you need with this pocket watch.


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